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Who we are

Who we are
Before briefly discussing my newly found way, I have integrated much effort in helping my address, which is the world, clean.  After one of my farm equipment tools got fixed thanks to a farm equipment repair guy, I bumped to an old friend Mickey. And so we concentrate here.In my quest to save Mother Earth, in my own little ways, I have come across one of the most enthusiastic paths in keeping my mind green and my environment almost pollution-free.   From using quality farm shop supplies for my little backyard, grade 5 nuts and grade 8 bolts to replacing  perfume pump my air conditioning system and using non CFC products, I must say I’m doing my part together with my two sons.  Try these things and you will be amazed on your family’s and friends’ admiration.  Lastly, turn your room into a seductive and playful place that your kids and wife, or chicks and boys, would love to hang out at.  We had coffee outside the shop and he gave me some pretty taken advantage tips on how to pimp my house the green way. Bring it to a boil then add some mint leaves. Mickey works as an accountant in New Hampshire and he was in town for a seminar he was conducting against global warming. And off we go. After it simmered, put it to some corner of your kitchen or even your room. Grab that sprayer instead of aerosols and mix lemon juice and water in it. Spray this heavenly and natural scent every after mess from cooking, drinking sessions, and gatherings on your couches and fabrics. As for me, it’s vanilla.

. The rejuvenating smell and playful scent never failed to make me smile.  Here’s what we can all do.  Next on our list of scented ways to keep a refreshing house, grab those ginger, herbs, sweet rosemary. Mickey told me that scent and smell boost attraction and this is equally true for a good house.  Going to the new process, I have come to realize that although generic tips like turning off the lights, recycling, and using cold water over warm for washing clothes constituted my efforts, there is much consideration on how to REALLY keep my house clean, fresh, and invigorating with respect to my environmentally-friendly perspectives. The aroma is invigorating and truly magnificent. To some people, his job does not coincide with his extracurricular activity outside of it but to us who give vitality to such concern, he is a hero. Pick your favorite natural scent. I immersed those lovely cotton balls in the vanilla extract and put in on small plate, placed it on a tiny plate, opened my windows, and voila.


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